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Hey there! I am Spooky from SHOJ. this is a very loud game so turn you volume down if you have hearing problems or don't play at all. Or youtuber and other people who like it and don't have it, put on your headphones and enjoy! also epilepsy warning! That's all I can say before Agatha comes and destroys me, oh wait she cant cause im dead >.<  but, your not alone. Murder Monkey, Agatha, and gold watcher are coming for you, even malak!! Specimen 2 is free and he is also coming, but he wont hurt yah, he'll just move you around the place! hehe Spooky's Tips and Tricks. Agatha, the most threat of all, and brutal, she will glitch into separate images when she moves, you wont see her because its corrupted. Specimen 2 he'll just move you around like Murder monkey Murder Monkey: same as specimen 2 move you around but takes a little while to move you around, he just goes through everyone. Malak if he catches you breaking the rules he'll send you to detention for 15,30,45,60,99 seconds.  Each time you go to detenetion he'll bump the seconds by 15 then when you get detenetion after the 4th one he bumps it up by 39. I THINK THATS ALL, when you go to AGUansthaaasj oFICIEFICII3ECCECFICEEEE Googogoggijntofndddsiooondfgggggggggggggggggggggfidsao- Agathal HEHEHE I CORRUPTED HER NOW, IF YOU DONT GO INTO THE PORTAL IN MY OFFICE SHE WILL DIE AND YOUOYOUOYUOUYOYUOYUO!! HE HE HA HAE HA AHE EAH AEH AEHAAH AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!





try to beat my challenge, you only have 5 days to get your friend and everyone's spirit saved and everyone else. and if you don't complete it, Your f!@#ed.

Install instructions


REPLACE THE SHAREDASSETS  in the files with this sharedassets. Get unity ex and search for a tutorial to export sounds


sharedassets2.assets 107 MB


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