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whut this is much less scary than the original tol 1

I only say scarier editon, because I add more blood and things, Im not good at drawing, don't expect me to go all great and doing well at drawing in everything!

If your looking for good mods, this isn't the channel alright? Your expecting good mods, it's not like everybody draws really good! Like there are noobs at drawing, and some pros! Your a pro aren't you? So you expecting to find some good mods huh? Not here. GOODBYE. Once you respond, you'll be banned

It don't matter if it's nice or not. plus your grammar

1.: whut should be What?

2. Original tol 1? You mean the original 1?

3: What? This is much less scary than the original one.


I hope your proud :)

hey shut up don't hecking correct me.

yo. smileyfacebaldimodder is my friend. can you atleast cut him some slack :/