More sounds changed!

More sounds are changed, and also now 1st Prize is changed to now having tentacles and Multiple hands

thats all

yOU CANT REALLY TELL THE HANDS BUT ZOOM IN AND YOU SEE 4 MORE HANDS THERE (but there is only 2 in the image you see but there is two in each set of hands)

Get BBTOLOFE Chapter 1 1.3 Scarier Editon!


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so glad your adding sprites so we can download the and use them

Your Welcome.

well I mean the baldi mod wiki is very thankful. but do have the baldi slap gifs(both new and old) by chance?

No, I think I deleted the game off the computer for space. I can redownload it though and make the old and new gifs of Baldi_Slap


well, I will download the game myself and go through the files myself and try to find some stuff.