A downloadable mod

Hello, this is my teletubbies / also slendytubbies  mod for ucn.

Please enjoy my mod i put a lot of thinking into this, it's not perfect but i atleast put some thinking into it!

These arent in sfm because that costs money, if anybody has a link to a (NON VIRUS) (FREE DOWNLOAD VERSION) then i might consider making models there.

Install instructions

download files, open ultimate custom night in texmod (the not troll one) open the texmod log in package build. click build, go to the 1st button at the top (package mode) click the folder button (In the middle next to package / mod selections) and open the TPF. click the package that says TELETUBBIES MOD or something like that 

run and enjoy the mod!


teletubbies mod.tpf 58 kB
TexMod.log 3 kB

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